The Global University offers almost hundreds of degree programs ranging from bachelors to PhD in all types of major disciplines. The Global University intent to let their students to experience an international behavior while study under the supervision of foreign faculties. In respect of next mission, The Global University works to open with many new research programmes in order to produce versatile and efficient professionals to the corporate world. The Global University goal are:-

To provide best of facilities and infrastructure and environment to make a genuine, tangible contribution to the society.

To be a place of choice for quality students, researchers and faculty from all parts of the world.

University strives for the uncompromising quality and highest standard of excellence in teaching, learning, research and scholarship across various disciplines.

University creates and nurtures an inclusive environment where everyone can develop their full potential and contribute to the interest of the society as a whole.

To Attract Scientists, Educationists, Business Leaders and other professionals for meaningful interaction through national and international seminars and conferences.

To encourage social welfare, cooperate industry and government for Hill community development, nation building and global fraternity.